Understanding Form Flow in Adobe LiveCycle Designer




To understand the form flow in LC Designer in detail watch this video.

Using positioned subforms nested inside flowed pages you can create a near word processor experience in Adobe LiveCycle Forms. The video also demonstrates the importance of "rich text", text field object height, and the "Paragraph" Tab in creating a crisp look in your forms.





Thanks Ashish, that was helpful, however do you have one that shows dates being changed to number of months?  for example:

Expiration Date is a date field display MM/DD/YYYY (the DD isn't taking into consideration in the calculation since it is prorated monthly) and only 4 days can be used in the Expiration Date field: 12/31/(of current year), 03/31/(of following year), 06/30/(of following year) and 09/30/(of following year) "minus -" Effective Date also date field MM/DD/YYYY (again DD doesn't come into play) "plus+1" "equals=" NO. of reg months left?

Do I have to do YYYY+1 in script for the Expiration Date field with a drop-down so they can only choose those 4 or leave it a date field?  AND how do I get the calculations to work?    Appreciate your help .  DEEDEE HARRINGTON - email is: ddharrington@mt.gov if you'd like to respond there with the link to your video on this and/or answer to my questions.