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Trigger Deadline Timer From Group Queue Claimed Event


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I'm trying to generate a Deadline when a Task is Claimed form a Group Queue.

I've got a TaskClaimed event listener that catches the claim event from the group queue, but I'm stumped on how to then set the Deadline Time for the task when the user has claimed it.

Girish very kindly send me a process that pokes the Deadline Date directly into the ES MySQL table - which does update the Deadline date as show for the task - however A) The Deadline never fires and B ) I know poking data into the ES tabels is bad practice.

I've found a 'TaskDeadlineTimer' event that looks like it should do the job but can't figure out how to set it up to set the Deadline for thee specific Process / Task that has been claimed.

Does any one have an example of configuring the 'TaskDeadlineTimer' ?

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Hi Stuart

I would be tempted to set up your own deadline logic, rather than trying to re-use LiveCycle's deadline logic. It shouldn't be too difficult:

1. Set up a TaskClaimed Event listener (you've already done this)

2. Use the Wait operation to wait for the amount of time your deadline lasts.

3. When the Wait operation expires, you need to check whether the task has been completed. You can use the Status field in the getTaskDetails operation in one of Avoka's components (see below).

4. If the status indicates that the task has not been completed, do whatever, you want to do as your deadline action. eg Send an email, automatically complete the task, (completeTask or completeTaskWithRoute, also in the same Avoka component), etc.

You can get details of the ProcessUtils component here:


and you can download here:





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I have workaround for this and should be posting it on my blog very shortly