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Transparent Rectangle/ Fade everythin back


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I have made a custom popup message box but want to fade everything else and make is unclickable untill they close the popup message. I was hoping that I could just place a rectangle over the entire form and make it transparent.

Is there an alternative? thanks
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kind of like the Flex effect....

Um.. i havn't too date come across anything "built in" that does that.

You would definatly have to make a custom component/layer!

IDEA 1: Have you played with a transparent image, put on a new subform

IDEA 2: you could make everything invisible, with a nice grey'd out textured background effect.


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Hi Luigi,

I tried the transparent images and it seems line the content is still active.. is there an easy what to make the content of subform disabled?

I can't make everything invisible as they need to refer to content still.

Thank you for your ideas. What is flex?