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Text fields returning blank AND .xml not exporting to spreadsheet


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I was feeling very proud of fumbling through and creating this form:


...but they're coming back with the "CardExpiry" and "CardholderName" fields empty. Well, the Expiry fields come back with "/" (ie the digits have disappeared) and the Name field comes back with a zero "0".

They are both text fields with nothing extra added in, ie no values or limits set.

I went back to the original and deleted both fields then added brand new ones, but the same thing happened when I tested it. We're having to phone everyone and get their expiry dates!

ALSO (should I split this into a separate post?)...

When I tried to bring the data into a spreadsheet (I'm using Acrobat and LCD 8 ) as per instructions (ie in Acrobat, Forms > Manage Form Data > Export Data from Multiple Forms), it all worked fine until I opened the .csv file and all that was in there was a list of the .xml file names.

Any help appreciated -

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I Feel I have to say this... Just a thought: have you received legal

advice on whether the "data sent by email is not secure" disclaimer

would hold up? I'd recommand also checking with your merchant account

provider. Your form could be argued as leading the user into

irresponsible use of their card.

Aandi Inston