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Taskmanager DSC , descriptor invalid xml


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I see the TaskManagerDSC component contain the EmailSettings service.

In the emailSettingsservice I can the :




SaveTaskNotificationSettings etc...

I think this is the service related to my problems.

In the database, in table tb_sc_component the taskmanager descriptor is not xml valide.

So I think he is not well deploy and the problems came from here.

I try to patch the component with the taskmanagerdsc.jar found on the deploy folder from livecycle8.2 installation directory.

He update it but can't run it(certainly because the descriptor is not valid). I must use the workaround gave by the support to change the state from 1 to 2, restart jboss and run the service.

Why the component make troubles ? How can I have a component with no trouble ?

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I check the taskmanager-dsc.jar xml component file in the livecycle8.2 deploy folder. It is ok, well-formed but when I try to deploy it on the server it is not ok.

Any ideas ?


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I tried to change the xml but of course it changed nothing.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the component but it changed nothing.

What can I do else ?
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