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Table, checkbox and script


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Hi, I created a processus with the trial LC.

I imported the processus in the server production but in my forms, some issues appearing.

All my fields in a Table doesn't execute script.

I have a table with somes textfields, a checkbox, radiobuttons and dropdowns lists.

When I click on the checkbox, the radiobuttons must appear.

It worked on my developpement environnement but doesn't work now.

I test on a empty form. I create a Table with 3 column and 1 row. I put a checkbox on it and type this in the click event (javacript run at client) :


Nothing appends.

If I put the checkbox anywhere else, the script works.

Any ideas ?

Thanks 🙂

Edit : It just happens with my checkbox and radiobuttons. The script on the drop down lists or buttons present in the table works fine.
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Nobody has an answer or the same issue ?

Is my acrobat version the wrong version (pro 8.0).

Edit : The checkbox works if I create it in a new form and copy the subform.

What is wrong with my form ? The checkbox works fine on the other livecycle.


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In fact, the checkbox works fine if my pdf is in static but in dynamic the script didn't work. Any ideas ?


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Hi, thanks but I already use subforms in my form and I don't want to recreate forms because I have a lot of forms and script. It worked before I import the files so I don't understand why it doesn't work yet. There must be an answer. It is not possible that it doesn't work yet.


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I tested my form with adobe reader 9. And it's work so I presume I created it with acrobat 9.

My only way is to pass my clients to reader 9 if I don't want to recreated all the forms ?
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