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Table cell widens to outside of page area when adding text field.


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I have a form with a table and designer is behaving oddly regarding the two full width cells at the bottom of the table.

I had no issue adding subforms and text fields and the like to any of the previous cells in the table as can be seen in the first screenshot.


However when I go to drag and drop a small text field into this blank highlighted cell the right half of my form is expanding right off the workspace with an error message. It makes little difference if I leave the cell as a cell or first change it to a subform (positioned). If I change the cell to a subform first or drag a subform into it, I do not get the error message but the same issue with expansion off the page occurs. This doesn't make any sense because I built the large cell above (headed with Air Monitoring Results)  the same way: Converted cell to positioned subform and dragged text objects and text field objects in and they dropped right where I put them and were all the normal size.

It's as if I was trying to drop a 10" wide text field into a 8" space, but I am not. Also interesting is that when I change the height of the cell (either by dragging or via the layout tab) the same thing is happening. Why would changing the height of something affect the width?


I'm obviously missing something here.

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