Submitting Form to Orchestration




I apologize if this question is incredibly basic. I've looke for answers and can't find them.

We've been using Workspace for development, but cannot do so in production now (bummer) for many reasons. So, we are building forms that prepopulate via web service calls and populate drop down lists as well. That part is working fine. What I need to do is have a submit button on the form that allows the user to submit the form when completed back to the LC server. I have an orchestration that will pase the form data and perform a SQL insert into a database.

So, I assume that I build the orchestration with the specified form as input, correct? Outside of Workspace, how does the form get submitted? Do I need to specify the wsdl URL of the orchestration in the submit button?

Thanks for any help





You could build an orchestration that has an input variable of type XML or document, depending if you submit just the data or the entire PDF.

You could invoke the orchestration using a web service call from the form or use a submit button and call a servlet that will in turn use the java API to invoke your orchestration.