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Submit Pdf with rich text field


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Hello All,

I have one Pdf designed in the Live Cycle designer 8.0 with one rich text field and couple of textfields and one Http Submit button. When I am trying to

submit the form at the server side which is my jsp Page's Url I got the Fields Values in request but I got the value of RichText field as a static text not the formatted one instead of I have define the field as a richTextField and in binding I have specified type as XHTML. But the same things works fine when I am desiging the Pdf with Live Cycle designer 7.0 same thing I have repeated for 7.0. and in Jsp page I will get the rich text field value as an XHTML with all the formatting style information. I have to design the Pdf in the Live Cycle 8.0. So what is the difference between the two version which will not giving me richtext field output as XHTML.

One Another Question is that how can I allow the user to enter the different langages like Japanese, English, Korean in the Text Fields in the same Template.

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