Subform, Table, Row - addInstance???



I must be missing something>>>

OK...I've been using Designer (currently ES) for a while to create dynamic forms, I know my way around the interface pretty well. I understand Masterpages and Subforms as well. Until today, I've never had the need to actually script anything...everything that I have done is basic forms with flowable text fields for printing or email.

All I am trying to do is understand the basic concept of how to Add an additional anything (Subform, Table, Row, I don't care). I have reviewed forum posts, tutorials, even read through "Creating Dynamic form in Livecycle Designer" (great book). I seam to do everything correctly...but the ADDING part never works.

Just to make absolutely sure I wasn't doing something or missing something I did the following:

*Started with a completely new form.

*Saved it as a Dynamic XML form

*Renamed the main default subform on the page to 'mainsub'

*Inserted a subform (Subform1) on the page

*Inserted a new table (Table1) with 3 columns and 2 rows (HeaderRow/Row1) inside of Subform1

*Added a button (Button1) outside of Subform1

*Added a JavaScript 'click' to run a 'client' on the button

*The JavaScript is:

form1.mainsub.Button1::click - (JavaScript, client)


*Set the Default Binding(under the Binding Tab) on Row1 to Normal & Checked "Repeat Row for Each Data Item"

*Changed Subform1 to "Flowed"

*Changed mainsub to "Flowed"

I save the document > Preview or run in Acrobat > No Dice - It's not adding anything?

I really don't care if I Add a Row, Table, or Subform...I just want to figure out what I missed. At this point it is a Quest.

Anyone? Ideas? I'm going Nutz! Thanks in advance.




Thanks for the attempt! Unfortunately, it doesn't wish to cooperate, no new rows. The JavaScript is now:

form1.main_sub.Button1::click - (JavaScript, client)


I think I have a broken version of LCD!

In case you're really interested, I posted the stupid file:

Thanks again!



Well the only problem was you had to start with the page, and not directly the table-


Or, you could just put the button under Subform1, and it would work.








My bet is that you are now viewing it as a dynamic form. If you are doing this through Preview, then on the File/Form Properties/Preview tab make sure that the setting "Preview Adobe XML Form AS:" property is set to Dynamic and the "Preview Type:" is set to interactive.

If you are saving as a PDF then in the save as dialog there is a "Save as Type" dropdown (below the file name) that allows you to choose dynamic xml form.