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I am new to Livecycle, I have created a new form with a drop down selection box, what I would like to do is to link this to sub forms which are hidden within the form until the relevant option is sleected from the drop down.

Is there an easy way to do this or do you have to write a script as I have very little experience of script writing.

Ideally what I would like is a menu choice 1 to 5 and when they selecy a number the relevant sub form appears.

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Hi Steve,

1. Unlike the other forums out there (including other forums at Adobe), from my experience, on this forum no one will even bother telling you if this has been answered or not or possible or not.

2. There is no one spot for where you can find Live Cycle help.

3. I've seen forums with a sticky at the top saying where to begin for people like us. There are stickies at the top yes. But if you read them the "Experts" are wingeing at the newbies questions.

Hopefully someone at Adobe is reading this because I am also a newbie looking for a simple solution and only needs to know if things are possible and then will study the program in detail if proper documentation exists.

Can someone guide me to a basics forum or documentaion?

In frustration