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Static/Dynamic PDF problem with Forms 7.0


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Hi all

I wonder if anyone has an answer to this?

I'm having problems with getting the instance manager to work correct in a couple of forms. It works great if I preview in Designer (8.1) or render through ES 8.2, but since we haven't upgraded our production environments yet, I'm stuck with Forms 7.0 there. And when I try to render with that, the form is simply not working as it should...

My guess is that Forms 7.0 chooses to make the form static instead of dynamic, but how to change this behaviour from the xdp? I've checked all the options of making it a dynamic xdp via Forms->Properties and checked just about everything I can come up with, but it's simply not working right now... anyone with ideas?

What I'm trying to do is to hide subforms depending on what the user has chosen in a different form (html), so that the user won't see irrelevant data. It's been done before but now it seems like Forms 7.0 wants to run the forms static always.

I've contacted Adobe support for a week ago but still haven't got anything from them leading me the right way. That's the reason I'm now asking here if anyone has any good idea...

A bit more information about what I've tried:

When I set min instances to 1, they are all visible but then they don't hide.

If I don't set minimum instances to 1, they don't display at all in forms 7.0 when choice Repeat subform for each item is set.

Using initialCount set to 1 do no good.

Doesn't matter if I use setInstances, addInstance or removeInstance as far as I've been able to see. I have also tried using presence = "hidden"; but with no luck.

If the prefill xml file is using appropriate xml syntax, it shows correct number of subforms but since I also wants to hide irrelevant subforms, it's not an acceptable solution.

Thanks in advance for any tips.
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Did you set the target version in Designer to be 7.05 (this matches the version that Forms 7 supported).


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Yes. I could add an "Of course" but it has happened before that it's something that simple. Been scratching my head for at least 4 hours just today and at least the same amount of hours before so I think I've narrowed out all the simple stuff but I might have missed one..

Any more tips? One strange issue is the fact that the form behaves different if the prefill xml file is structured in different ways. Nothing to do with prefilling, just how the PDF itself behaves.


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I am just trying to get the FS 7 to render a dynamic document from a newer Designer. Then I will worry about the proper layout. Can you send the form template to livecycle8@gmail.com and i will have a look. It will take a while as I will have to find or build a machine with version 7 on it.