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Start Process "Card" Opens External URL?


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I may have asked this before, but figured it can't hurt to ask again. We want a one stop shopping (navigation) for all of our Enterprise forms. 95% of htem will be adobe PDF and served up by LiveCycle through workspace. There will also be some served up from other environments, all accessible via URLs, in other words, web-based. We can build a standalone navigation page with links directly to the individual forms in workspace as well as external forms.

My question is whether anyone has built a navigation scheme inside of workspace that will also open up forms external to the Adobe environment? It would bbe great if we could create a "card" in the Start Process tab that simply opens up an external link instead of an Adobe PDF form.

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I chatted with the team about this. Workspace wants you browse LC end points and show you task content (forms/swf's/documents) in an iFrame that it communicates with for Reader. We have never encountered a requirement to make the end point or the task content be any old external URL, although it is a good suggestion for a feature / enhancement

I have seen something similar done before, but it is a bit clunky. It generated a PDF that contained a URL with a button on the PDF that will open the URL inside the current iFrame.