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I installed LC with SQL Server 2005 SP1. LC create his database called adobeLivecycle correctly.

I use a second database called basetest.

I import my processus in this new instance of LC. But the assign task doesn't work well.

When the string of the initial user selection is UPPER, the process stall because he can't find it in the database.

My Database server is configured in case insensitive as my two databases (adobeLivecycle and basetest) as the table edcprincpaluserentity and the uidstring field.

If I type a query in the query browser

select * from edcprincipaluserentity where uidstring = 'NAME';

uidstring = 'name' so he don't find him.

if I type 'name', he find him.

I din't have the problem on my other database basetest, I can type whatever I want. The properties are the same.

Any ideas ?

Edit : the collation : SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
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I found in the field properties even if in extended properties the collation was good, in the general it was different. So I set the properties to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS and it works. The assign task works well.

But I ask me if It is not dangerous to modify the LC database like this ?