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simple scripting help with Designer?


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I'm using Designer to make some simple forms for my company.

For the most part it's just layout stuff, but I have a need for some scripting and have zero experience with this.

I want to allow the user to enter a date into a field (The delivery date for a product), and then have a number of other fields automatically generate dates based on the one entered, in order to create a workback schedule. The dates generated will be, for example, 3 weeks prior to the date entered, 7 weeks, 8 weeks, etc.

I've started to look at FormCalc to do this but do not know the language and I'm finding it daunting.

Perhaps this is a very straightforward script?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The script is simple if you talk script. I dont but I have (last night) just encountered a similar issue.

I wanted to select a date and have the form generate future dates. 4, 8 12 months etcetera in a table.

If you havent solved your problem or gotten professional help let me know and I can suggest possible solutions.

I cant right now cos its not in my head. :)


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I ended up using this JavaScript code to add a user-defined number of years to a user-defined date:

var execDate = myDateField.rawValue;

//tell JS that years is a number

yearsToAdd = yearsToAdd * 1;

//convert to JS format

execDate = execDate.replace(/-/g,"/");

var termDate = new Date(execDate);

//add years and subtract one day

termDate.setFullYear(termDate.getFullYear() + yearsToAdd);

termDate.setDate(termDate.getDate() - 1);

//insert the date

myTargetDateField.formattedValue = util.printd("mmmm d, yyyy", termDate);

also see this thread http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx/.3bc20e91/0


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You should be able to use the following code in FormCalc to do what you want:

(Adds 9 days to the date entered by a User.)

date1.rawValue = Num2Date(Date2Num(date2.rawValue, "MMDDYYYY") + 9);

This would go in the Exit Event of date1, and users must match the entry format that you specify in the Date 1 Date/Time Field.

I hope this helps.