Signature Clear and Signature Verify Question



Anybody know how to Verify or Clear a Signature Field using javascript?

The LC Designer Scripting Reference 8.2 gives the example on P. 364:

xfa.signature.clear(SignatureField1, 0);

I tried this and other combinations and nothing works.

Also tried to Verify a signature using:

xfa.signature.verify(SignatureField1, 0);

But of couse this didn't work either.

I did find some code that used an older method for the signature Verify that did work, but this method didn't work for the signature Clear.

var digSig ="form1[0].#subform[0].SignatureField1[0]");

var status = digSig.signatureValidate();

How do I get this to work for the Signature Clear and how do I get both to work using the new method from the reference guide mentioned?