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showing and not showing page while printing


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I have a (dynamic) form with two pages. When printing I would like that one page would not print, but after print I want to see both pages on the screen. This page should be the first page of the form, but if it is not possible, it can be the second page.

What the best method to accomplish this?

thank you
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One way you could do this would be to hide the page that you do not want to print by using the following code in the prePrint event:

form1.Page1.presence = "hidden";

Then in the postPrint event, make the page visible again:

form1.Page1.presence = "visible";

Hope that helps.


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That will hide all the objects in the page, but the page will print blank. I don´t want to print the page.

I can make a removeInstance (to the second page), but then, after print I would like to have my page back (with the data on the objects). However, I can´t make a addinstance...

Any ideas?

Thank you