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Server-to-data-source paging


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Hi, all,

Im trying to set up a server to data-source paged service. Ive got everything set up so that Im getting my assembler called and am returning values, but Im not getting paged calls.


public Collection fill(List fillArgs, int begin, int rows)

is always called with begin == -1 and rows == -1, instead of getting real values to page through. In addition:

public boolean useFillPage(List fillParameters)

is never called (my implementation always returns true for all parameters).

This is my destination configuration:


And my Flex code for calling the data service:

myDataService = new DataService("invoiceListDataService");
myDataService.fill(myArrayCollection, params);

Am I missing something in here?


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To follow up on my own message, it appears that the pageSize header is not being sent as part of the message from Flex to the JavaAdapter, but I have no idea on why. I even added a 'myDataService.pageSize=100;' in the flex client. :(



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To follow up once again (for the sake of future developers :), I found the answer. Our project consists of multiple sub-projects. While I had set the -service flag for the main project, the sub-project that contains the code did not have the flag. Adding that compile flag fixed the problem.