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send as a pdf file rather than xml


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I created an order form in live cycle 7 and when I email the form it opens

properly and works but when the recipient emails it back clicking on the

submit email form it returns it to me in xml format. Is there anyway of

creating a form that the recipient can email it back as a PDF file by

clicking a submit button on the form?

thanks in advance for any advice.

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I have the same issue since yesterday, hope someone can answer this for us. Check this out:


Also, Help said this:

When you create a button and set its Control Type to Submit, the Submit tab appears in the Object palette. It displays several options specific to formatting buttons that submit data.

Submit to URL

Submit As

XML Data Package (XDP)


....and so on

However, that "Submit tab" mentioned above which will give as the option to do what we want is missing and I could not find how to put it under Object Pallete.




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Are you using the button instead of the submit by e-mail button? This option is only available only in the button. Submit by e-mail button is predefined to only send xml information. I have Adobe Designer 7.0 and this what I had to do. Matt


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i have the answer in the form of a picture; because they are worth thousands of words right


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I have figured out how to send the email, as pdf. However, the subject is sent as default af5930wjfnso449. Is there a way to change the subject for the email and rename the pdf as well before sending?

Please help


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Add a button to the form, then add the following javascript to the button. This will prompt the user to save the file, and that pdf file will then be attached to an email with the recipient, subject, and body of the email filled out.


event.target.mailDoc(false,"youremailaddress@whatever.com", "", "","Subject of Email", "Body of Email");