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Select or Custom entry Item from Drop-down list as Email subject


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Hi everyone,

from the forum I found and I use the script below on a click event to email my form:

var myDoc = event.target;

var address = "xxxx@xxx.org";

var sub = DropList1.getDisplayItem(DropList1.selectedIndex);

var msgBody = "Hello";


bUI: false,

cTo: address,

cSubject: sub,

cMsg: msgBody,

cSubmitAs: "PDF"


It's work fine but does not work properly when a user ENTER CUSTOM TEXT into the DropList1!

Subject line appears to be empty when we click the EmailForm button!

I know the problem it is with the SelectIndex: (DropList1.selectedIndex)but I can't think anything else..

My Drop-Down list box includes also export values.

On the subject line I want to appear ONLY the select or entry Item.

How I can solve the above?

Thanks again
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Use the rawValue instead ....when you add a Custom entry you are not really selecting it. So you code would be:

var sub = DropList1.rawValue;


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Thanks Paul for your replay.

The problem it is when a user enter custom text the subject appears blank!



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Thats because of th eproperty that you are using. Change the line as I described and the var sub will contain the correct value and then the subject will get populated correctly.