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schema binding versus XML data binding


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I have been able to create a fillable XFA form using XML data and employing the xfa.host.importData(""); script.

This has worked well.

I now find that I must do a similar thing - only using a schema to bind the data to the PDF form fields ...

Can you help me to find out what the differences are between these two approaches and alos can you help me to find some good documentation on how to perform this ?

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It is exactly the same thing. The schema definies the structure that the data will have (to be able to conform to the schema). So as long as your data file conforms to the schema it will populate your form without issue.


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I see . Thanks

so the problem i am having is most likely related to the data and not to the approach

that is comforting - I appreciate the help -


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I noticed that the default scripting language was set to formcalc - and by chabging this to javascript - I no longer get this error -

I have moved on to my next error -

which is: the data doesn't at all load as expected -

This particular form is only slightly more complicated d than my last loadable form but, truly , the only difference between them, really, is using I am using a schema for this particular form and my previous form didn't and that one works fine and functions perfectly - (this one .... no!)

I could probably skip the schema and proceed without it but that would defeat the whole purpose of using the schema in the first place so it is not really an option .

some data loads as the default of zero - is it possible for you to review this pdf for me? - just to get me past this hurdle.

The schema is good - and the data as well.

I would appreciate it .



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Ok - I have gotten past this problem ....

I can load the data.. !! (YAY) it had something to do with the fact that I had saved the original form as a static pdf form and it the data is put together assuming that it is a flowable dynamic form ....

so now that i have saved it as a flowable form - it loads ok -

but - do you have any tips on how to control paging when you have additional subforms, etc.

or is this just OJT stuff that everyone goes through ? ...