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RPC Fault faultString


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Hi everybody. im new programming flex, so i would like to get
some help

Im using tomcat 6.0.13, LCDS and FB 3

well i get this messager error:

[RPC Fault faultString="No destination with id 'dsEjemplo' is
registered with any service." faultCode="Server.Processing"

In data-manager-config.xml file i have this code:

<destination id="dsEjemplo" channels="my-rtmp" >

<adapter ref="java-dao" />





<identity property="id"/>




And in my mxml file y have :

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="

layout="horizontal" creationComplete="ds.fill(personas)">

<mx:DataService id="ds" destination="dsEjemplo"

<mx:ArrayCollection id="personas"/>


So, i dont really know why this happens :(

please if somebody knows answer, tell it me

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EDIT: my mistake, didn't read whole thread.

Is your data-management-config.xml file in your WEB-INF/flex


Level 1
yes. it is...

well, i tried using fds-tomcat and it works but just for a
moment. when i said "it works for moment" i mean the RPC fault
string didnt appear but appears other error message: "Channel

But, later i dont know why, appears the first error message