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Room Limit?


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Is there a limit to the number of rooms you can create? I'm
interested in building an app that lets users have private chat
rooms so I assume I need one room per private chat. Can I create a
room per user or should I create and delete them on the fly as
needed (through a template)?

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Currently we don't have a limit on how many rooms you can
create so as long as you are ok managing a lot of rooms in your
account (and the "a lot" is in the thousands :) you should be fine.

Just remember that you have an account user limit so when the
limit is reached with people in some rooms new users will not be
able to enter their rooms even if they get correctly created.


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You might be able to achieve additional "private chats"
through the use of multiple chat collections in a single room,
which your app could spawn with specific user permissions on them
to ensure privacy (product gurus care to comment???).

More or less the same result as having multiple rooms, but if
you ever wanted to share chat context across other users, this
would provide a potential path.