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Restricting Combobox Options From Another ComboBox


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I have 2 combo boxes as follows:

Combo box 1:

Is this a rush order:

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Combo box 2:

Select your shipping method:

Option 1: USPS Priority

Option 2: USPS Express

What I need to have is if Yes is selected in combo box 1, then the only option available in combo box 2 is option 2. The combo box can be automatically filled or can just show option 2 in the drop down list and still must be selected.

I thought the code would go like this:

if (combobox1.rawvalue = 1)

then combobox2.rawvalue = 2

end if

but I know I am missing something in the code.
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I've changed over to using radio buttons instead in hopes that I can make one form that is both fillable by computer and by hand. So now my question becomes can a radio button be selected based on another radio button choice?