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Reset validation on a new instance of a subform


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I am using LiveCycle ES 8.2,

I have a request form. It contains 5 fields in a subform. (3 text fields, 2 sets of radio buttons). At the bottom of the form the user has an option to add another request by way of a button. The user clicks the botton and validation code checks the form to confirm the user has filled in or checked all the fields. If the user did then a new subform appears with the same 5 fields blank. The problem is, if the user clicks the button again no validation takes place. I think, this is because the validation code is checking the first 5 again and sees the fields filled in so it naturally spits out another set of 5.

So the user has 15 fields and only the first 5 are complete while the last 10 are blank because the validation did not reset itself.

What or how do I get the validation to reset itself?

Here is a sample of the code I am using.

var iVar = 0;

if ((examplesubform.exampletextfield.rawvalue == null) || (examplesubform.exampletextfield.rawvalue == "")


xfa.resolvenode("examplesubform.exampletextfield.ui.#textedit.border.fill.color").value = "255,0,0";

app.alert("you must provide an example");

iVar = 1;




xfa.resolvenode("examplesubform.exampletextfield.ui.#textedit.border.fill.color").value = "255,255,255";

if (iVar == 0)





I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to get out of trouble. Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated.

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execValidate() is the command you are looking for.

this.parent.execValidate(); will validate every field in the form that is containing the button you are clicking.

If you wanted to target a specific instance of a form then you would use: