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Reports & SQL DB


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We use WF Server v.6.2. I have two perhaps related questions.

I would like to run reports of data in work items, such as for a Check Request form, which work items a particular person authorized, and other reports I noticed in Help that there is a Reports button that can appear in Workflow Web Access, between Preferences and Help. How can I get the Reports button to appear?

Also, how can I access the work item data from the backend - the SQL tables? Where would it usually be stored?

Thanks in advance.

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To see the reports button, your workflow user record must be at least Process Administrator (use the admin module to see an individual person's properties, in the Privileges tab I think..)

The backend stores information suchs as where and when a workitem was processed, but it won't contain the information that was populated on the forms, unless you make the fields you need to searchable fields on the process map. Beware, this can add to the size of the database quickly.

All of the available tables are documented in the pdf files that are distributed with the product.

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