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This is the fifth time i am recreating this form and i'm starting to think that i'll never get it right. I have a staff of nurses and social workers that travel a lot, have many expenses to submit and have limited computer knowledge.

So, i am trying to make this form as easy to fill out as possible. The form has this section of information which has to be filled in for each trip. Is there any way i could have a button that you click and it creates another copy of that section underneath it? I have tried the form before with a pre-set number of these fields (as many as i could fit on a page) but i find it that many employees need more than that so it would be nice if they were able to multiply that section of fields as many times as they need to. Any help would be much appreciated. I posted the form on the acrobat site; i hope you can open it.


I used LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.

Thank you very much!!!!!

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