Remind conditional break data in header




In my form, i'm displaying simple informations on my customers (1 line per customer). My data are stored in a table (each line corresponding to a customer). I group my customers by "domain", so i've made a conditional break on this data (line[-1].DOMAIN ne line.DOMAIN).

All is working correctly, but i need to remind this 'domain' on each page, in the header section, and i don't know how to do this. I have tried with script, but it doesn't work.

Thanks for your help.

Exemple :


Page 1 Domain : ???


Name1 / Adress1 / Domain1

Name2 / Adress2 / Domain1

Name3 / Adress3 / Domain1

Name4 / Adress4 / Domain1

Name5 / Adress5 / Domain1

-------------------------- conditional break


Page 2 Domain : ???


Name6 / Adress1 / Domain2

Name7 / Adress2 / Domain2