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Recalling a Form


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I have two questions,

If I have a form the initiate a workflow process, how can make the user able to recall the form after submission?

Also, I want to assign a user an administration role so that user can reassign tasks, cancel them, or update them, how can I do that ?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Yasser M. Maree
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Hi Yasser

Can you explain what you mean by "recall"?

Also, what do you mean by "update a task"?

There are two ways to create an "administrator".

1. Go to the adminui, use the Users and Groups area to assign the user administrator and workflow role. Then that user can use the adminui to reassign and cancel tasks. There is no way to update tasks in the adminui.

2. Ask each use to share their worklist with the administrator. That way, the administrator will be able to see all user's worklist in their login, and reassign, cancel, or update those user's tasks.




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Hello Howard,

Thank you for your reply,

By "recall" I meant stopping the process from commencing, how can I achieve this?

Regarding the second questions, what I am looking for is basically some super user for a specific process who can see all actions taken by all participating users, and can interfere in any action by modifying the action/form itself, or by reassigning, canceling etc.

Giving administarion role to a user will make him/her seeing all processes instances which is not required.

and I do not think it is practical to ask all users to share their worklist with the administrator ?


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Hi Yasser

Once the form has been submitted, the process has started - there is no way to "unstart" it.

However, you can terminate the processes, which will basically stop the process from continuing, and remove any existing tasks in anyone's task list. You can terminate a process via the adminui, via the Workflow api, or using Avoka's "Process State Changer" qpac (see http://www.avoka.com/avoka/qpac_library.shtml). You can also suspend a process, which allows you to resume it later if you want to.

At the moment, in the adminui, access is global. In other words, if you give a user administrative access, then they can see and administer ALL process types. I do know that a feature request has been logged to provide access control by process type, but I'm not aware of the status of this feature request. I suggest that you log this as a feature request with Adobe support.

An alternative is that you could build your own custom administrative web application, where you can control exactly what people are allowed to do with what processes. We would also be happy to talk to you about building something like this on your behalf. If you're interested, contact me on htreisman "at" avoka.com.

Hope this helps.




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Thank you Howard for your reply,

Actually I found that I submitted a task and I login as administrator to adminui, I can reassign the task to myself and this practically means that I have recalled the task, but then I would need make every user an administrator if I want to allow them to do this.

After a second thought, I think I can modify the Form Manager by adding a link or something that would invoke an API that would do exactly this, reassigning the from to the logged in user!

what do you think , is this possible, and if yes, how difficult is it ?

Thank you,


Yasser M.