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Hi every body,

I want just to say that I wouldn't not be able to write these scripts without the help of this community members.

And their help is still required.

I want to convert these scripts to be free and open source plugin.

The functions are repeated in the files so don't be shocked by the huge numbers of code lines. If you want to modify a function just open all the scripts' files and set "Search Where" to all open documents.

I have some of bugs appeared clearly in the youtube videos:

- The end marker appear in a wrong position but when I insert then delete any character the marker fix its position.

- The dialogs some times appear then suddenly disappear as a flash light and the process continue with the default value of the dialog.

Also the user unfortunately can change any instance without calling submit, then his modification will be overriden when the instance has new update. I mean there is no Check-Out and Check-In protocols.



Finally I want to say that I'm a job seeker.

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