Problems with tables transferred by http send button



Dear developers,

I got the following problem:

I want to call a servlet from within my interactive form, which processes the user entered data. With the http send button I got the following problem:

-Only the first row of my table is transported to my servlet!

parameterName: EXP_TYPE parameterValue: HOTL

parameterName: DESCRIPT parameterValue: Dorint Hotel

parameterName: FROM_DATE parameterValue: 2009-03-18

parameterName: TO_DATE parameterValue: 2009-03-19

I see the problem that a http parameter must have a unique name, but I would have expected that in case of tables the transferred parameters have a line number appended like: EXP_TYPE0, EXP_TYPE1...

Or another solution would be that the complete xml is within one parameter. Is this possible?

How can my problem be solved?

If I send the pdf with the email send button, there is a xml file attached to the opening email. Can I access this xml string from javascript or send the content to an url?


Ruben Hartenstein