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Problems displaying an image on Adobe Reader 8.1.2


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Hi guys,

We are trying to display a JPG image in an Adobe PDF Form. So, we set an Image (StaticImage) to be loaded using the following Formcalc script on Page Initialize event:

StaticImage1.value.image.href = $record.ImageURL

On our last project, we could display a JPG image with Adobe Reader 6 (with some alert messages), 7 and 8 (7 and 8 fully functional). But in this one, the same solution doesn't work. The unique difference between both solutions is the URL format. Last project displays an image based on a normal URL ("http://app.client.com/photo/1234.jpg"), and in the current project we create a PNG or JPG image based on a JFreeChart, generating an URL to access it ("http://server1:54321/webdynpro/resources/vendor.com/..(long)../graph43211234.jpg").

When we load it using a computer with Adobe Reader 7.0.x installed, the bellow message is displayed requesting an action:


"Acrobat is attempting to connect to the site:


If you trust the site click "Allow", otherwise click "Block".

Possible actions: Block, Allow and a check "Remember my action for the site: server1"


Allowing the connection, the images are displayed. But, in a machine with Adobe Reader 8.1.2 installed, sometimes it asks for permission to access the URL, sometimes not. And, in both cases, in this version it doesn't display the images...

Can anyone shed any light on this? Also, is there a way to block this annoying message?


Douglas Frankenberger


1 - The Image is not marked as Embedded. This option don't seems to make any difference, as on our last project the StaticImage was not flaged as Embed, but the JPG file was embeded in the PDF anyway...

2 - In current project, when we set the same image the we had set on the old project, it loads successfully. Also, the generated JFreeChart image is fully accessible when displayed directly in IE using its URL.

3 - Versions:

- Client: Windows XP Professional

- Adobe Livecycle 7.0.50519.0

- Adobe Reader: 7.0.8, 7.0.9 and 8.1.2
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