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Problem with LCD 7.0, LCD 8.0 and Acrobat Reader 7.x


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i have a problem with different versions of one file. I started with a pdf-file that was created in LCD 7.0. There are no problems with that file in all Adobe Reader versions.

Now i used this file as startpoint to create a new pdf file with some similar functions. But i created the new file in LCD 8.0 and saved it in 7.0 format. In Adobe Reader 8.0 i have no problems to use this new file. All functions are available and everything works. But if i open this new file in Adobe Reader 7.0 some labels of checkboxes are empty, some labels are filled (i fill this labels with javaScript). I don't know why and i didn't found the bug.

Then i restarted the creation of this new file in LCD 7.0. I used the old file as startpoint again an implemented the new functions etc as i did in LCD 8.0 before. As i was ready, the pdf runs under Reader 7.x with no Problems.

Now, i just opened the file once in LCD 8.0 did nothing and saved it again in 7.0 format. After that i had the same problems by using it with Reader 7.x. Some labels are empty an i don't know why.

Can someone help?

Many thanks!
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