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Problem Inserting a PDF in Oracle DB


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I want to insert a PDF in the DB.The column Type is 'blob'.

I storing a pdf in a variable 'outputDoc'of type 'document' and using it as a

parameter in the query.But ,when i execute the process,it gives 'missing expression' exception.

I could succesfully log the pdf using a variable logger.Following is the query I am using.



VALUES({$ /process_data/@outputDoc $}).

Let me know where I am going wrong..
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Hi Jasmin,

Thanks for the reply.But my problem is different from "http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3c056048/1 ".

When we use RenderPDFForm the OutputPDF can be stored and sent as URL in the response.But this is a unique cached URL i.e. when i click on the same URL sometime later.I cannot view the PDF.

I want to retrieve the PDF from the DB and send it to user as http URL .whenever the user clicks it the PDF has to retrieved .

Hopw you understand the problem.

Can we write servlet code in adobe 'execute script'or anywhere for solving the problem.