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Presence Issue with Various Fields


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Within my form, there is a checkbox that toggles the visibility of a textbox nearby. When this checkbox is checked, the textbox is visible. Otherwise, it is not visible. This check box and text box are both contained in a subform together and this toggling of visibility works just fine.

What doesn't work just fine is the fact that when I move my form forward in its workflow and I open it up again, the text box is invisible again even though its checkbox is checked.

The script I am using is in the Change event of the checkbox and it simply tests for the current value of the checkbox as a 0 or 1. There are no other scripts associated with either the checkbox or the text box.

Any ideas? BTW: I have tried using the Form Properties configuratin of saving the form's "state" automatically already but to no avail.

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what event do you have the code under?

if you have it under checkbox - change, you should also put it under initialize.

hope this helps


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The change event only fires when you change the value of the field .....when the form loads in a subsequent step the change event will not fire and your change in presence does not happen. If you put the check on the DocReady event as well as the change, then when the form loads it will check that state of the checkbox and set presence accordingly and if I click on the box after it is rendered the change event will still take care of setting the presence.