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Populate field input into other instances


Level 2
I am revising a government form (an elephant designed by committee) that requires the users to add their name on every single page--sometimes more than once--and the thing is 21 pages long(!). How can I take the input from the first instance and use it to populate all other instances in the mega-form.


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Former Community Member

Let's say you have two text fileds, Field1 and Field2.

Select Field1 and choose javascript. On the onChange script, add for instance Field2.rawValue = Field1.rawValue. See if this works.


Level 5
Use the same FieldName on each occurance of the field.

Set the default Binding (on the Object/Binding tab) to "Global".

This will tie all the fields together to act as one.

Good Luck!


Level 2
Mark's approach seemed more straightforward to a struggling novice--me--so I tried it and it works great. Elegant, simple, logical. Thanks very much.