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PDF Generation with LiveCycle Data Services


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Hi everybody!

I am using LiveCycle Data Services to generate a dynamic pdf. I worked with this tutorial : livedocs.adobe.com/livecycle/es/sdkHelp/programmer/lcds/pdfgen_1.html and i adapted the code to my own example.

I created a pdf template with livecycle designer and i succeed to generate the pdf thanks to LiveCycle Data Services.

Here is my problem :

In LiveCycle Designer i create a table and bind my data connection (from xml source) to this table and i bind subforms to repeating data.

It works when i try to open an overview of the pdf with LiveCycleDesigner.

But when i try to generate the pdf with livecycle data service, there is no repeat of my data. There is only a number of items corresponding to the minimum of repeating i set in livecycle designer binding window...

Is it possible to generate repeating data with LiveCycle DS ?

an example of my xml source :

<item id="1">



<item id="2">



In livecycle designer, if i set the minimum of repeating to 1,  LiveCycle DS generate a pdf with only one item.

if i set the minimum of repeating to 2,  LiveCycle DS generate a pdf with only 2 items. etc.

I don't know how to generate an indeterminate number of items...

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Hi Guillaume,

there is no limitation. Dynamic PDF files can be generated with Livecycle Data Services.

You should have a look at the XML file generated by your Flex code. Try to save it and see how the XML file behaves when you generate a PDF preview with Designer. You can go to the menu:  File >  Properties > Preview > Use XML test data...

With the XFAHelper class, you can either load a PDF or a XDP file. Have you tried with a XDP ?

I've attached a dynamic PDF file that I've created for a customer. I generate a dynamic PDF file using LiveCycle Data Services. Maybe you'll find some clues within the file.



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Hi Michael !

Thanks for your response. Finally, I found the solution. It was not because of my XML, which was correctly generated. I saved my PDF template as a "dynamic PDF" instead of "static pdf" and it solved my problem.