OutOfMemoryError prevent new Process creation



Hi there

i have 2 problems that are related as i think:

1. i have a process that generates occasionally an OutOfMemoryError

2. i have a process, that calls another process with the "Do not wait for response" invocation policy. some times the second process just does not start. in the adminUI the first one looks like it did start the other one, but it does not exist if i search for it. there's no exception, no entry in the logfile, nada!

i think the second problem is related to the first one. maybe if the memory is full, that prevents new threads from being started??

that brings me to 2 questions:

1. can i start a process in a separate thread with separate memory allocation to prevent the OutOfMemoryError? or can i do anything else?

2. what else can i do to ensure that a process runs to its end?

hope anyone can help me with this probelm!

greets Simon