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Order of variables when exporting data to excel


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I'm creating a form that is sent out to individuals who then use the email submit button to send it back to me. I save the data and open it as an excel spreadsheet. I am trying to get the variables to return in a certain order. For example, the tab order and hierarchy put the order of fields as follows: Tribe, Date, Group ID, Person ID. But when I receive the excel spreadsheet the variables are ordered as follows: Date, Group ID, Person ID, Tribe. Hierarchy and tab order are set correctly. What can I do to change this order so that the data I get back match up to the form I sent out?

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This was annoying me for some time.

It's in alphabetical order. If anyone knows how to change this then please post. I've just ordered it (using numbers so that the excel spreadsheet follows the collumn order that I want. I put an underscore before the number as it doesn't let you write a number as the first digit.

Change the name either in the hierachy bar or go to object-binding-name.