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On Submit, is it possible to send out 2 different static PDFs with same dynamic data


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I have a Purchase Request Form which is filled out by a scientist... and a confirmation copy is sent back to them and another copy is sent to an Import/Export Technician. The "confirmation copy" is actually in a format easier for the import/export tech but it often confuses the scientist when they see the different terminology on the form. Anyways, I'd like to upgrade the online forms to a pdf that matches the original paper version(form A)... when the scientist submits the form then they receive a confirmation copy of the (Form A) and the import/export tech gets his copy in the modified format for his ease of use.

Form A would be the pdf version of the original paper form.

Form B would be the Import/Export Order Form which contains the order information but also contains blank fields that the shipper/receiver fill out upon arrival.

Has anyone seen an example like this before? I haven't been able to locate a similar example but it seems that it should be possible... as long as they same "data" fields were being used in both... the forms would just be static templates. Thanks!!
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