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Novell network share as watched folder?


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What's the best strategy to configure a Novell network share as a Watched Folder??

This is a LiveCycle ES 8.0.1 turnkey install, in a Windows 2003 Server that accesses a Novell network only for what they call "eDirectory" and some network shares.

As the previous people found out, I can't configure a UNC path as a Watched Folder Path. However, when using the "Map Network Drive" feature of Windows (so I could configure a local path), I found out it doesn't mount the share on the session running the JBoss service, just the current desktop session, and fails to the "Invalid Path" message. Both the service session and the desktop session are from the same username. But they are different sessions for what it seems.

In this Novell + Windows configuration, you need to login to the workstation and then to the Novell network (or visceversa) adding to the complexity of the situation.

I'm about to try doing a manual install and run JBoss in a command-line window which I'm sure does have access to the Novell network share (this command line-window is from the current UI session, which already has the network shares mapped)

But I'd really wish to hear a better idea. Any????

Roberto Quintanilla
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