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Not able to identify Flex Objects from QTP 9.2


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I have QTP 9.2 on my machine and have installed Flex Add-ins
for the same

I am able to record the Flex controls/Objects in the script
and it shows the script as shown below

(I am recording on Adobe Automation ready Application:

***************SCRIPT AS RECORDED***************

Browser("Adobe - Flex Store: Automation").Page("Adobe - Flex
Store: Automation").Image("Flex Store image").Click



However, when i try to Playback the same, QTP does not seem
to recognize the "FlexApplication"

The object repository does not highlight the
"FlexApplication" and give the Pop-up message "The Selected object
cannot be found in the application, Check that the application is
open the correct page or window and that the object and its parent
do not have parameterized values"

P.S. I havenot parameterized anything, Just simple Record and

I appriciate your time and efforts

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I am facing the same issue; but for our application. I am able to work fine with other Flex application, the issue is with only one application.

Is there any reason or solution to this. Please advice.