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Normal Binding given to a column cell is not reflecting in the XML on form submission


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My requirement is to have a repeating subform which has a dynamic table add row button and delete row button. This dynamic table has two columns "name" and "value" where the "name" column is initially prepopulated for the first 5 rows and the corresponding "value" column is mapped to a schema which takes values from the xml. Both the "name" and "value" columns are editable.Apart from these rows there can be newly added rows to the table which again has XSD mapping.

My problem is, If i have the 5 prepopulated "Name" column mapped to xsd then the prepopulation is overridden with balnk space or xml value; So i have given Normal binding for the prepopulated "name" column. Now what happens is, When i make any change to the prepopulation and submit, the changes are not available in the xml file. i have to get this value in xml as another application uses this xml. If i use only xml without xsd mapping everything works fine. but i have to use an XSD in this case. Please help me in solving this.

Thanks in Advance.
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