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[Newbie] Please help with database searching


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I am not a programmer. Besides the difficulties of finding information that I can understand, I'm at a wall and need your help. I've downloaded all the documentation I could find from Adobe and still...

I am using Designer 8.0 and created an XML database.

I'm trying to write a script that will search my database until a match is found. If no match then a message appears.

I have done my homework and still haven't found my answer. It doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your precious help.

This is my script :

var i=0

var oLast = xfa.dataWindow.currentRecordNumber + xfa.dataWindow.recordsAfter;

var oCode = Product1.CodeP.rawValue;

for (i=0;i <= oLast;i++) if (oCode == xfa.dataWindow.record(i).CodeP.value){ Product1.Subentry.Titre.rawValue = xfa.dataWindow.record(i).Titre.value; Product1.Subentry.DescF.rawValue = xfa.dataWindow.record(i).DescF.value; Product1.Subentry.DescA.rawValue = xfa.dataWindow.record(i).DescA.value; Product1.Subentry.Format.rawValue = xfa.dataWindow.record(i).Format.value; Product1.Subentry.Prix.rawValue = xfa.dataWindow.record(i).Prix.value; )

if (Product1.Subentry.Titre.rawValue == "")

app.alert("Code not found");
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