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Newbie needs help translating error message


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I'm a new user, and I've designed an order form with two tables and a calculated subtotal for the two tables.

The tables are identical except for the values in drop down lists. I'm trying to sum the values for the ExtPrice field, which the script editor shows as named this:

----- form1.#subform[0].Table1[0].Row1[0].ExtPrice::calculate: - (FormCalc, client) ----------------

So using that information, I summed the values in all six rows of both tables using this formula:


When I switch to preview pdf, the field calculates just like I expect it to, however I get this message when switching to preview mode:

"Script failed (language is formcalc; context is



Error Syntax error near token 'Row1' on line 1 column 17"

Yeesh. the tables are named "Table1[0]" and "Table1[1]" and I tried summing the field on just one table and still get the same error (but the form works).

Can anyone help me translate this so I can fix the form before distributing it to users?

Dave in Michigan
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Looks like you are missing a dot between the table1[0] and the Row1[*]. I t=hink it should read:


This command will effrectively all all of the fields called Extprice in all occurances of the Row1 subform in the Table1.