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Newbie needs help: LCDS without Java...?


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I'm a Flex/LCDS newbie... and a web development newbie too... however I am a software developer with experience in C++, Python, SQL, and Perl (i.e. not Java). Looking through the docs, it appears that LCDS can only be coupled with a Java backend, and since I've never done any Java developing.... this seems to be a problem. Java syntax seems easy enough coming from C++, but MY GOD, the number of different Java technologies and frameworks!!  I'm convinced the people over at Sun must get bonuses for coming up with new acronyms (J2EE, J2SE, JSP, EJB, JDO, JPA, JNDI, JAX, JMS, JSeriously?, and JKillMEAlready).  In any event, I'd rather not spend the 8 months or so coming up to speed on the Java universe just to be able to use LCDS. Is there any other way to get managed data in Flex to work, other than to couple it with  a Java back-end?

At the risk of being discourteous, as this is an Adobe forum, I have seen other non-Adobe technologies out there like PyAMF and WebORB, but don't know if these can even be deployed to do managed data the way that LCDS does. Is there some technology I've overlooked that may let me use a LAMP server install with LCDS?

Thanks in advance!!

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