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Not sure which forum to post this in, so forgive me if this is not the appropriate place for this.

I have a client who needs for their employees to open a PDF template, fill in some data, then send it to HR. When HR opens the document they want some fields to populate from a database based on the values that the employee has entered.

Clearly the LiveCycle framework can handle this, but are there any options for simply doing the update without using the Adobe workflow? I think it's likely that the client will get into LiveCycle in a big way, but time constraints are preventing that now. What is the most efficient, streamlined way to accomplish their goal of live updating of Acrobat documents without the need to manage the workflow?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

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Acrobat does have the ability to interact with the DB itself. This is NOT recommended as ot requires you to manage a DataConnection on each client machine (and the DB driver). As well this solution will only work on Windows machines. If you intend on using Reader this functionality is not available by default. You can Reader Extend the document using Reader Extensions Server to provide your document with that functionality.

Hope that helps