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New to LiveCycle ES need some help.


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I am new to Adobe LiveCycle ES. What LiveCycle ES components should be used in solving the following problem:

- Create a form that would fill large number of users

- Form is made up of several different blocks

- Each of the blocks is composed of sub-blocks

- Each of the sub-blocks containing objects (Subform, Text Field, Text, Button, Drop-down List ...)

- Choice of sub-blocks that should be shown as part of the block is the option from the dropdown list

- Its possible to dynamic (in the course of filling in forms) add/remove a block and/or sub-block whose layout is already defined

- Form is required to initialize with certain data from the XML file

- At any time should be enable the recording of data from form in the XML file, as well as the subsequent possibility of continuing to fill forms from the places where he stands

- XML file with the input/output data should pass the appropriate XSD Validation Scheme

- When the from is completely filled, PDF document must be generated from XML file using XSL-FO transformation

It is necessary to define workflow - valid sequence of blocks for the forms filling.

Thank you.
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You would need the Forms Designer to create a form to hold your data and give it context. The result of this would be a PDF container to capture the data. When the user wants to save you woudl submit that data back to the server and write it to a DB. LiveCycle Forms woudl be required to create the PDF, merge the data and save the data. Once the user is finished the data is sent back to the server where it canbe validated. There woudl be no need to use XSLFO as there already is a format for the data.