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New LiveCycle user needs some direction...


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I am using LiveCycle version 7.1

I am trying to transition my company into a paperless environment. I do a very specific type of mortgage lending. When a mortgage broker wants to prequalify a loan, they download a form from my website. They then fill out the form with information about the borrower. This form is faxed to my company and the details are analyzed to determine if we wish to proceed.

Information from this form must be manually entered into a database, which is very time consuming. I have crested a form in LiveCycle 7.1 which allows users to type information rather than hand write everything. Now I'm not sure what the best way is to integrate my form. I have a small company and I'm trying to costs at a minimum. I am currently using LiveCycle 7.1, Adobe Pro version 6.0, and Dreamweaver Version 8.0. These are my issues:

1. I'm not sure what the best way is to publish the form on my site. I would prefer to integrate the form into a web page and have the customer fill it out online. I would then like the PDF form submitted to me via e-mail, or perhaps saved onto the server?? once the form is published can it be e-mailed directly from the server?

2. I have tried to import the LiveCycle form into Dreamweaver to see if I can publish the form on line. LiveCycle will only let me save the form into .XDP format. Dreamweaver 8.0 will only allow me to import .XML files, not .XDP. Will later versions of Dreamweaver allow me to import .XDP?

3. When I receive the forms, I would like some of the information to sync up with a database. I need to be able to access the PDF forms from the database. Can this be done with Acrobat Pro or do I need to integrate the forms with a traditional database program like access?
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First things first. SECURITY. You have a responsibility to keep your

customer's application details secret (depending on your country there

will be various legal and regulatory issues). In the UK, for instance,

the Data Protection Act applies, as well as additional FSA burdens.

This means:

NEVER email customer details.

NEVER submit customer details in plain text.

The only way in which you should ever set up a submit for sensitive

user data is to have it submitted to a secure web server (https not

http). LiveCycle forms can do this.

A web programmer will create a script on the server to receive and

store the data. Of course, it must not email the data, but it can send

an email saying there has been a submission. Typically a second

script, with authentication, is used by your staff to lookup the


Aandi Inston


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Thanks Aandi. There is no sensitive information contained in these forms. There are no customer names, social security numbers, etc. Only information about the property, which does not require security.


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Having some mortgage background, your form can be created in 8.0 Live Cycle Design with an email submit button and published to a web page in the same application. The email submit button can be to anyone you wish to have the data emailed to and the subject line can be specific so workers know what info is in the email at a glance. I have personally created quite a few of these types of forms. Hope this helps.




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I am trying to do something very similar. What I don's understand is how you publish the form in LIve Cycle Design to a web page. I can save is at XDP, or PDF, but how do I get it to work with HTML?