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Need solution for Requirements


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Hi All,

I am very new to Adobe and need to know if Adobe LiveCycle can solve my problem.

I need to create a PDF based electronic form for entering data in a pre-defined format. Once data is filled, the utility should generate a report in a pre-defined XML format (complying with pre-defined XML schema).

I should also be able to import previously generated report files in the prescribed XML format. On import, the data record should be made available in edit and export mode.

Perform validations on data entered (field level validations).

The designed pdf forms will be available for download from our main web site. A customer who is entering the data may not have internet connection. So, the whole export and import script should run in a disconnected environment.

The ultimate goal of this utility is to generate XML output which is input for another utility.

Can we do this using Adobe LiveCycle. Any suggestions appreciated.

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Create a new data connection based on your existing schema. Bind form elements to the data connection. You can now use the form data import and export that are in the Acrobat menus. There are also script methods for doing this if you want to put buttons on the form itself.